WordPress Development

There is no getting around how big WordPress is and how well used it is. I believe it has its place in the market and if your website is already on it then I can help develop it for you.

I have done work with; standard websites, complete customisations and ecommerce solutions on WordPress over the years. I have more information around Full Stack PHP Developer skills around the website and they are not just focused on WordPress.

Custom Design / Theme

WordPress works using themes and these can be bought online and used or you can have a custom one built for you. Using ones online is okay but it comes with lots of restrictions, it will be used by many many companies, they are generally over engineered and slow and on top of that you reply on someone who could be anywhere in the world to maintain it for you.

The great thing about custom themes is that:

  • It reflects your brand correctly
  • It will look like no other website
  • It will be fast and easy to maintain
  • You will have local resource to help you
  • It will be easy to scale as your business grows

Custom Functionality / Plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins on the internet and many are great. But they don't all cover the functionality you need. Some are slow or badly maintained and others are over engineered and too much for what you want. Others don't meet your requirements.

Adding custom functionality to WordPress is straightword if you understand the platform. I can help build what you need and package it in the right way so it is maintainable for you.

WordPress Hosting

There are lots and lots of ways to host your WordPress website from dedicated servers, to shared servers or managed hosting. I often find that for SMEs the best option is managed hosting. The hosting companies have 24/7 support and ensure everything is as it should be. This is generally faster than shared hosting and more reliable as well. Dedicated servers or virtual servers are better for the slightly bigger websites.

Finishing Comments

WordPress can do a lot and we can help you. If you need some help or just need some questions answered then give us a shout.

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