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I love Hubspot! Why? Thats easy, it gives you data to make decisions, rather than guessing or not doing anything. On top of that it gives you the functionality to action things, often automatically, based on data and events. What's not to love, supercharging your marketing has never been easier. That said, I am a data geek when it comes to marketing so this is right up my street.

I have been involved with the technical side of marketing since 2006. From technical SEO on websites with 11 million pages through to b2b consultant websites. I have worked on advertising, strategy, planning and a whole lot more for multiple companies. But what Hubspot does is a whole new level.

I got involved with Hubspot in 2018, after using the platform and researching them for a couple of years previous to that. It just offers so much more and as a digital marker it allows me to do a much better job for clients.

What Does Hubspot Offer?

It offers a centralised solution to pull all your marketing and sales efforts into one place. For many companies it allows them to venture into new functionality and develop what they have. For other companies it allows them to migrate everything into one place rather than having a fragmented approach.

But what does that all mean?

Think about it this way - every time you transfer information from one platform to another you lose some information. So from Google to your website or your website to your sales software. Bits of information that could help your team get sales, like where did the lead come from, what pages did they visit on the website, what did they download etc. All this could be helping you win more business and without capturing it you are losing sales.

So Hubspot says let's have it all in one place and have all the information/data available to everyone in the team, when they need it. And to go one stage further let's use that data to make the users journey even better and even more relevant by giving them information when they need it.

Now before I go any further I can see you glaze over and say okay but what does that mean in the real world? To be honest without strategy and proper utilisation there is little value in the software Hubspot has, its like any software, it's only any good if you embrace it and get yourself sorted out to properly utilise it. No marketing efforts will be successful without some form of strategy and no sales team will succeed to the highest levels without putting the time in upfront to understand how the software works.

Without me going into massive detail let me just say, if you don't use Hubspot and you want to improve marketing and/or sales in your business then I would place a bet to say I can get Hubspot to help you. Just chat to me and if I am still as confident after the call that I can help then I will give you a demo and walk you through it, free of charge.

What Does Hubspot Cost?

Hubspot is Free to start with (with restricted functionality) and then depending on what extra functionality you want you have license fees to pay on top. This page shows you the structure of that Just remember you have to look at the value it gives, I believe that if you embrace Hubspot it will give you a massive return, much more than employing another person to the team.

Is Hubspot For Any Company?

No, there are some instances it just doesn't work, it's like everything it can't be everything for everyone. The best thing to do is reach out for a chat with me to discuss. It covers so much that chances are it can help you, but give me a shout and we can chat.

Hubspot Modules - CRM, Marketing, Sales & Service?

When you look around their website you will notice it is broken down into the modules. These are the high level core elements to the platform. This gives you a high level view of how they work with your business and what they focus on. All these modules integrate seamlessly and work from the same data. This is what makes it so powerful

How Do I Make My Money?

I make money from consultation. I help business embrace the platform, set up strategy and do a number of other things like marketing and sales alignment, configuration and set up, hand holding etc. The best thing to do is send me a message using the contact form so we can arrange a call.

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