Full Stack PHP Developer, Edinburgh

A full stack PHP developer is an individual who can develop both client and server software. An individual who holds an extensive knowledge within this field will be very familiar with the “presentation layer” which is the main portion that works with the user interface. Alongside this, they are also familiar with the “business logic layer” which is the backend portion that works with data validation. Ultimately, a full stack developer is an individual who holds a great knowledge on both the client and server sides and holds a genuine interest in working with software technologies.

As we are aware; full stack freelance web developers are experts at working with HTML and CSS, however, they are also confident at:

  • Browser / Client side programming
  • Server side programming
  • Working with Databases

Following this, a full stack developer is skilled in using programs like PHP, JavaScript, etc alongside a wide variety of others and will also hold the knowledge and experience in order to incorporate these into the design of a website. All in all, the full stack developer will take care of implementing the looks design wise, but more importantly will be responsible for how the website functions.


It is important to look at the benefits when considering hiring a web developer. One benefit touches on the previous statement regarding the extensive knowledge, as the developer will be able to incorporate their expert techniques into the development project. Moreover, when carrying out the project you will be able to switch between front and back end development easily due to being carried out by a single individual. This leads on to another benefit which is that you can reduce the expenditure of the project as less individuals are needed to complete the development. Less people involved also means that there is less time used for team communication.


In conclusion, it is evident that hiring a full stack PHP developer will benefit your brand in the establishment of a website due to being experts in this field and holding an interest in working with software technologies. It is no question that time and cost will be saved due to the individual taking responsibility for both front and back operations and having an overall accountability to the design as well as the functionality of the website.

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