WordPress - When should you use WordPress over other CMS systems?

WordPress - When should you use WordPress over other CMS systems?

Firstly I have used WordPress for years and I do think it has a place in the world but I also think it is overused. I really like the volume of support it has and the amount of developers that know how to use it. But the thing I dislike the most is the overuse of 3rd party plugins and complex themes. The main reason for this is the security issues they bring, the maintenance issues they inherently have and the resource they take up unnecessarily.

A well build WordPress website is great, in the right situation. It is easy to use and quick and easy to find developers to help as needed. But a badly developed site or one that uses heavy themes and plugins will be a headache to use for both the website admin and the user.

When WordPress Is A Good Idea

  1. If you already use WordPress and you have a reliable developer (that is actually developing the site and not just using 3rd party themes and plugins) and want a website refresh then it makes sense to use WordPress.
  2. If you have basic functionality requirements that the smaller CMS platforms cant handle but you don't feel a more ground up build is required then WordPress can be a good solution

When To Avoid WordPress

WordPress can be used for many of these situations but I feel the alternatives are a much better way forward.

  1. When you have a simple website (ecommerce or service based website) that has simple functionally but requires a custom look and feel. I think using WebFlow is a much better way to go. It is quicker to build on, easy to update, the admin on the CMS is much easier to use, it's faster to load and its much more secure.
  2. When you have complex functionality. If you need a detailed requirements session then I would say WordPress is not the right way to go. It is limited and can be slow. I would say build a custom website on the Laravel framework, a freelance web developer can help you build that alongside a freelance web designer. It will scale better, give you everything you need and for pure custom development it is relatively quick to build on.


I appreciate this is not an extensive list and you may not fit into the categories above but I hope it gives you some insight and allows you to think more openly about what platform your website should be on.

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