Freelance Web Developer, Edinburgh

It is not all about the freelance web development skills, it's about building a team for your business to do better. I would be delighted to chat to you about joining your team.

Full Stack PHP Developer
Jonathan Harrison Freelance Web Developer Edinburgh

I started my freelance career in 2006 and have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people and companies.

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Web Applications

Building the right functionality for your business needs and to your customers browsers. All to be done with planning and clever design. Simple results take effort and manageable solutions come from experience. Let's have a chat to see what you are trying to achieve and how would be best to approach it. I have been a full stack PHP developer in Edinburgh for some time and would look forward to chatting with you.

web development code

Making complex issues simple, utilising frameworks like Laravel! Get your web apps loaded.

web development on mac

Taking your business digital with the help of a software developer!


Do you need to allow businesses or customers to purchase online? I have seen a boom in local businesses selling locally online as well as larger businesses taking the leap. I have years of experience working with a web designer, helping people get online and optimising there efforts to increase sales. It would be great to chat about your business.

Agile & Project Management

Making budgets a reality and working within deadlines for web development

Step 1

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Scope the project, finding the best route forward and capturing key information.

Step 2

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Review budgets against scope with a software engineer to ensure it can be achieved.

Step 3

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Plan the project and get started. Making sure an agile approach is taken along the way.

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